Yunohost package running systemd user service?

I am looking at packaging an app which installs a systemd service in user mode (installed in ~/.config/systemd/user with sudo loginctl enable-linger so that it runs all the time, and can be started via systemctl --user start service ).

Will this create any issues in yunohost? For example not showing up in the list of running services in /admin/#/services ? Are there any other yunohost packages that are already using systemd user services?

Thanks for any guidance!

Why couldn’t you use the built-in service management by Yunohost, using the dedicated app helpers ?

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@Limezy I think this is probably the best approach, it just meant changing the way that upstream installs the services, but that turned out to be ok.

More specifically:

  • upstream installs two services with systemd, which need the ability to restart eachother. if they were installed via systemd user units, running as the same user, then they have permission to restart each other. if they are installed as systemd system units, and they don’t run as root, then I need to make modifications to the sudoers file to allow one of the applications to call ‘systemctl stop’ and ‘systemctl start’ commands, on the other service. The latter is what I’m planning to try to figure out how to do in the yunohost install.