Yunohost on debian jessie gives an error during LDAP operation


I am trying to install yunohost on an existing debian jessie PC using the procedure at

I receive an error during configuration of moulinette-yunohost (2.2.3)
Error: An error occured during LDAP operation

This is a fresh install, but i did install kodi (from backports).

I already tried reinstalling (apt-get remove --purge yunohost).

EDIT: I’ve tried reinstalling, but keep getting errors. Probable because of the following packages from backports:

  • binary-amd64 (hash sum is not ok error)
  • i18n/Translation-enIndex (hash sum is not ok error)

I also get some errors form amavis and dovecot, but this might be caused by te previous errors.

Is it possible to modify the install script so it can get passed these errors?
I really need backports (for Kodi)