Yunohost mandatory features/apps (e.g. Mail)?


Bonjour l’équipe,

I’m having a question about Yunohost apps/features that may be kinda mandatory:

I don’t want to use Yunohost for Email (I have a working solution for that), and I don’t think I’ll
need XMPP. I’m just looking for a convenient way to run Nextcloud, Kanboard etc. for my family.

So I’m wondering: What will be the effect/downside, if I don’t use Mail and XMPP via Yunohost (and
thus don’t make the necessary DNS entries)? I guess there’s somewhere a list saying something
like: "No Yunohost Mail means no Roundcube, limitations for Nextcloud (e.g. no password recovery),
limitations for X (can’t do Y) etc. "

Does such a list of mandatory features/apps or dependencies exist?

Salut et merci beaucoup,


I’m running some YunoHost instances without using mail and xmpp and it works out of the box :wink:

Yes you can open less ports and avoid some dns entries (related to xmpp and mail)


Rainloop works on other email providers. I never used yunohost as an email provider