Yunohost LDAP from external server


I would like to use the ldap service from yunohost on a wordpress hosted website
Yunohost is used for private (non profit organisation, owncloud , wordpress for testing purpose), it uses his own domain ( and hosted on vps
Worpdess is used for public use, it uses another domain name (

My plan:
Open ldaps port in yunohost firewall (ldaps port 636 )
Install plugin in wordpress (Active Directory Integration / LDAP Integration from miniorange )
try to make both communicate

Does that make sense, and is there any documentation somewhere ?

Uh wokay, can you elaborate a bit more on why not install Wordpress via Yunohost directly …?

We already have a public site fully managed and hosted by the provider, the Wordpress deployed on yunohost is only use for testing purpose.
The public domain also host distribution list, and i’m not yet comfortable to migrate all under yunohost, being the only person maintaining the applications.

You’re right it’s not worth the troubles, i will start migration as soon as i can.