Yunohost install is broken how can i reinstall it to fix it

i get “Unexpected server error (0 error)” please for the love of god someone tell me how I can uninstall yunohost to reinstall it to fix my issue

Well, maybe it is not necessary to do a full re-installation of your Yunohost instance. Where do you encounter that message?

whenever I go to the web ui. I haven’t done much on my instance so I don’t mind doing a full re-installation

Okay, it makes sense. Do you want to do a full re-installation of your complete OS (Debian, I suppose)?

It is Debian but I just want to do a re-installation of yunohost not the whole server since I have some files backed up on there I don’t want to lose.

Okay. I had done that in the past, and I ended up with a whole mess. After battling a lot, I simply backed up my Debian somewhere, then erased everything, installed from scratch a Debian stable with yunohost, and since, it works like a charm.
I’m afraid I can’t be of much help for you: you’d better take the advice of some knowledegeable persons, if you want to reinstall only yunohost.

Unless you want to mess up your system (I can help you a lot, on this matter ;-)).