Yunohost CI backup test without /path

Currently my ssbroom_ynh app is failing the yunohost CI test for backup and restore YunoRunner for CI

When I’ve tested locally, I am able to backup and restore.

The log from the CI test makes it look like yunohost is testing backup and restore, using a value of /path for the path value.

Ssbroom does not support installing on a sub-path (and can’t until there are changes upstream).

Is there a way to tell the yunohost CI test to not test with /path and just test with “/” for backup and restore?

Or am I misreading the CI test log?


Eeeeeh it looks more like a bug in the CI (though now i’m puzzled how it could have worked so far for other full-domain apps …)

Turns out the CI code is ~fine … the issue lies in the fact that your check_process files has setup_sub_dir test enabled … will push a fix to your branch if that’s okay

Edit: c.f. Fix restore by mhfowler · Pull Request #4 · YunoHost-Apps/ssbroom_ynh · GitHub

thanks @Aleks, I’m glad to know about the check_process file now