Yunohost box stuck in apt/dpkg upgrade at "Setting up ssowat (2.6.4)

I did an apt update && apt upgrade from command line yesterday, and the process got stuck at the ‘Setting up ssowat (2.6.4) …’

I ended up rebooting the box and doing a dpkg --configure a to pick up the upgrade process again, but it still gets stuck at the same spot. It’s been sitting there for 6-8hrs now with no change.

As a side effect, I don’t appear to be able to log in to the Yunohost admin interface either.

I had the same issue (or for information the dpkg process is using 0% CPU, even after starting it). I “solved it” by removing ssowat, finishing the upgrade, and installing it again (but it wasn’t marked as removed).
It seems to work now.

How did you remove ssowat without also having it uninstall yunohost and yunohost-admin?

Thankfully I run my Yunohost box as a VM, so I took a snapshot of the VM and ran an ‘apt remove ssowat yunohost yunohost-admin’ then finished the upgrade and reinstalled them. First time I did this everything seemed to reinstall fine, but I couldnt get back into the admin panel again after a reboot.

I restored from the VM snapshot again, and now even after apt removing, autoremoving all packages and reinstalling them all again, it still gets stuck on ssowat. So now I can’t even reinstall. What the heck?!

I can and will restore the snapshot again, but it’s not going to get me anywhere as it’s still in a state where I can’t get to the admin panel.

edit - I don’t know how, but I managed to get dpkg to get past configuring ssowat (I think, or at least it’s not giving an error about incomplete dpkg configuration when I use dpkg or apt). Buuuuut, now I can’t get into the admin panel. I log in, and it either says ‘Logged In’ but leaves me at the password prompt, or says ‘Instance Already Running’ and also leaves me at the password prompt.

That’s the thing, it didn’t remove yunohost, and I didn’t think it was rally removed. However, the upgrade could be finished, and “installing” it again marked it as manually installed.
Everything is working fine for the moment.