Yunohost block my externall adresses in home network

Hello, I second time try Yunohost and second time has network problems. Last time I must change Dynamic DNS on my Router. Now that doesn’t help. On my local wifi my external adresses don’t work.
I have in my home server with few apps on miniPC (Home Assistant, Emby, Lidarr, Radarr etc.) on 3 domains from no-ip. Now I start YunoHost on RaspberryPi3 and set domain from DuckDNS.
Now I can’t open my externall adresses in home network. Why YunoHost do that?


As far as I’m concerned, some ISP’s firewalls do not allow you to “come out and back in” that might be why you cannot enter from your home network to your public NS.
Can you reach your Yunohost from IP inside the LAN ?

at my place, I have set manually on my computer a dns entry from my public NS to the private IP (192…) .
Depending on your ISP and Router, you might be able to manually set the dns entry on your router so every terminal in your LAN can access your public NS through the private IP.

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Hi, thanks for answer. I disconnect now my Rpi3 with YunoHost and everything works fine on my local wifi. I can reach my local adresses ( - emby) and external (

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