Yunohost backup problem

Hello everybody,
Since a couple of months, I have a problem with yunohost backup.
The backup can’t achieve because of unknown files in some directories (maybe brocken symlinks?)
Here is the logs after launching a backup (automatically received by mail after a cron task):

By launching this command: find . -type l ! -exec test -e {} ; -print
I can see that it seems to have some broken symlinks (but I’m not sure it is really symlinks):

The most problematic files are those with the .crt or .pem extensions
They disturb the backup process and etckeeper too:

When I try to list these files with ls -l I can see the files but with ??? as attributes and I can’t delete them ("no such file or directory)
I don’t know what to do… Sorry for my (too) large post.

Hm, to me that could mean corrupted filesystem :confused:

Can you tell which device you’re using (Internet Cube ? Raspi ? VPS ?) and which version of yunohost you’re running ?

I’m using rpi3 with:


I’ll try to check my filesystem after work and post results here.
Thanks for the tip!

All right!
It was indeed a corrupted filesystem
After a check, my backup works again.
Thanks a lot for your help.