Yunohost as an oauth/openid provider

is there anyway to use Yunohost as an oauth or openid provider, to authenticate in other Applications like Nextcloud with is running on a second server with my Yunohost username/password?
Or is there anyway to connect the ldap of two YunoHost servers?
Thank you

Hum, maybe you should have a shot at what has been done for the Flarum app, there’s a “Login with Yunohost” installed by a plugin, maybe the plugin code can help you :slightly_smiling_face:

It could be possible to open ldap port and make some changes to expose ldap and use it. But expose ldap is a risk so you should add correct fail2ban rules and check encryption.
It’s an “advance use case”.

An other way could be to setup an oauth/openid app based on ldap, but i don’t know anyone. So you have to package it :confused:

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Is SAML 2.0 with the SSO possible?

Nope SSowat doesn’t support SAML.

I’ve solved the problem with Gitlab, with can act as an oauth or openid provider. It works.