Yunohost and Piwigo

Hi, i want to install yunohost with piwigo on Rasp Pi 3, but piwigo needs yunohost V3.5. i dont find this. there is only 3.4.x. Pls could you help?

Well why not just upgrade the server :confused:


I am new to Yunohost and had the same problem a few days ago. Server upgrade wasn’t possible for me because it always ended with the message “upgrade failed”. The best workaround for me was to get the Raspbian Stretch Lite Version from April 2019 and follow the way of a manual installation (for advanced users)

This worked very well for me - at least until I wanted to access Yunohost in local domain with Android :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes manuel Installation is possible. But i want to use the easy way with domain access via yonohost.

Nice try but there is no atable version 3.5 which is ordered from piwigo

The manual installation is not very hard - but you should have some experience in using simple commands in Linux terminal like sudo nano ... or cd /etc/....
Step 4 (including domain access) is the same in both ways.

But if you don’t have experiences in Linux commands you might try to upgrade your system in the webinterface (one point in the menu list after admin login). If you’re lucky, you don’t get error messages like me.

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