Yunohost and php8.0 are on a boat

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Hi all,

PHP version 8 has introduced major improvements in terms of performances.

Debian Buster used by Yunohost looks to have php8.0 package available.

Does anyone has tried to install this version of PHP and configure Yunohost to use it? If yes, has there been any issue with it?

Thansk for info.

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Bonjour à tous,

La version 8 de PHP a apporté des améliorations de performances notables.

Debian Buster utilisée par Yunohost semble bien avoir un paquet php8.0 disponible.

Est-ce que quelqu’un a déjà tenté d’installer cette version de PHP et de configurer Yunohost pour l’utiliser ? Si oui, des soucis ont-ils été rencontrés ?

I think you have a slight misconception on how YunoHost handles PHP. There is not one unique PHP version installable at a time on Debian. Since it is not the default PHP version shipped with Debian 10, YunoHost can install PHP8.0 if an app requires it. It will not install it if none needs it.

Note that PHP8.0 introduced some breaking changes from earlier versions, so forcing it upon apps may break them.

So is it possible to experiment (on a non-production system) and force an app to use a different version of PHP? It could be fun and a way to help test what apps would benefit/break…

Sure, you can refer to the packaging documentation, notably the ynh_add_fpm_config helper and the YNH_PHP_VERSION variable to be put in scripts/ It takes care of installing the required PHP version if needed.

Simply read the “upstream” documentation (“requirement”, “installation” or “dependencies” chapters) of these apps could be a good idea to know if php8 is supported or not.

If the end goal is to improve reactivity of your app, i suggest you before to optimize the php-fpm conf regarding your number of core and ram.

Specifically those params:

pm =
pm.max_children = 
pm.max_requests = 
pm.start_servers = 
pm.min_spare_servers = 
pm.max_spare_servers =
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