Yunohost and it's community are awesome

This post is just a message of love and gratitude to the yunohost community.
Thank you for creating this great tool, and for being there to continue developing it, improving it, fixing it, answering to questions and support.

Yunohost empowered me to run a server, host services for dozens of people and surely much more in the future.
It taught me about informatics, system administration, and many more things, without me having to study them for years before being able to start something.
It gives me faith in the community, shows me how at small and medium scales we can do things that can have impact on people’s life.
It’s magic was there, when our server broke down, and I had to restore all apps and data from distant backups (I will not lie, it was not easy and smooth and I didn’t sleep much in the last days and nights, but everything is back, and that’s really thanks to yunohost).

Since I started using yunohost, I wanted to help developing it, and so far, I rarely found time to do so. I don’t know when the day I’m able to put time into it will come, but I know it will. Until then, I follow what you do, and appreciate it every day deeply and sincerely.

Thank you for being there, all of you, and for what you do to try to make this (digital) world a bit more welcoming, loving, altruistic and conscious.



Just a small THANK YOU message to all that make YunoHost what it is.
Thank you :heart:

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Indeed. We must appreciate more often the people of YunoHost and the people of this community.

A big THANK YOU from me also!!


Awww. Yeah I’m so glad I discovered Yunohost.

Please donate some $$$ if you can to the awesome developers keeping this dream alive for us too :smiley: