YunoHost 3.7 release / Sortie de YunoHost 3.7

Màj sans problème, beau travail! Merci à toute l’équipe!

Hmm… Last autumn the former 3.6 Installation Image did not install successfully on my SoC, but it was possible to install install Deb stretch and then yunohost afterwards… The 3.7 version was announced to be based on Debian Buster… Since it is now an update are there any plans to migrate yunohost to deb 10 and release new 3.7/3.8 installation images in the near future ?

Buster is for 4.0. Each major version change of debian increase the main number of the version of yunohost cause it always break some backwardcompatibility.


Here’s a minor upgrade 3.7.1 that should now be available:


  • [enh] Add ynh_permission_has_user helper (Yunohost#905)
  • [mod] Change behavior of ynh_setting_delete to try to make migrating away from legacy permissions easier (Yunohost#906)
  • [fix] app_config_apply should also return ‘app’ info (Yunohost#918)
  • [fix] uid/gid conflicts in user_create because of inconsistent comparison (Yunohost#924)
  • [fix] Ensure metronome owns its directories (Yunohost@1f623830, 031f8a6e)
  • [mod] Remove useless sudos in helpers (Yunohost@be88a283)
  • [enh] Improve message wording for services (Yunohost@3c844292)
  • [enh] Attempt to anonymize data pasted to (Yunohost@f56f4724)
  • [enh] Lazy load yunohost.certificate to possibly improve perfs (Yunohost@af8981e4)
  • [fix] Improve logging / debugging (Yunohost@1eef9b67, 7d323814, d17fcaf9, 210d5f3f)

webadmin, ssowat, moulinette

  • [fix] Misc fixes for action / config panel (Yunohost-admin#289, #282)
  • [enh] Add a note about some apps that need to be exposed to visitors for external client to work (Yunohost-admin@c0c2f41)
  • [enh] Lazy loading pytz for performances (Moulinette@3a3ce804)
  • [fix] Don’t set auth headers if user don’t have access (SSOwat#158)

i did a test on a snapshot logs say everything went OK yet dokuwiki give 404 nginx when try to log in

It is not related to the new release of YunoHost but to the DokuWiki package itself

See the post [High Quality app] Dokuwiki and the related issue

I have not been able to identify the root cause and it is not fixed at the moment


Bug identified and fix is on the way. I will push a testing version in the following days.


Bug identified and fix waiting to be reviewed and tested

Hello guys,
Actually it seems vhost nginx configuration has rules for threating ssl protocols etc.
Is it possible to modify vhost for nginx… i mean is it possible to threat ssl conf in a separate conf file and use include in each vhost.
I put a request on the github project maybe

I don’t know what you mean by “threat” but I doubt that’s the word you were looking for …

Anyway, if you’re talking about factorizing ciphers config and other security aspects into a single common file for vhost, this is already done in 3.8 currently in testing


Nice !! Thx Alex. I’m french and speak English like a spanish cow


We pushed another minor stable release that include several small fixes related to minor issues reported recently :

  • [fix] Be more robust against some situation where some archives are corrupted
  • [fix] Make nginx regen-conf more robust against broken config or service failing to start, show info to help debugging
  • [fix] Force-flush the regen-conf for nginx domain conf when adding/removing a domain…
  • [fix] app_map : Make sure to return '/' and not empty string for stuff on domain root
  • [fix] Improve ynh_systemd_action to wait for fail2ban to reload
  • [fix] Improper use of logger.exception in leading to infamous weird “KeyError: label”

Hi @Aleks !

Thank for your awesome work !

There could be a new regression as you can see here.

Yes it’s fixed ! Thanks !

Small regression indeed spotted by @SohKa , fixed in :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :sweat_smile:

Edit: make sure to run yunohost app ssowatconf if you encountered the issue


Awesome ! Thank you so much ! :slight_smile:

After the upgrade, executing the yunohost app ssowatconf command and reconnecting to the Yunohost portal, it works !

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I don’t know if this is related to 3.7.1 update, but I cannot download “CA.cert” from the admin panel in any of my yunohost instance.
I get redirected to a “403 Forbidden” error page.

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Hi! This issue has been reported there.

oups, sorry I didn’t think about checking the github…

Could you share with us why do you need the CA certificate? There is a debate on whether or not this feature is actually needed.