YunoHost 11.0 (Bullseye) release / Sortie de YunoHost 11.0 (Bullseye)

So I pushed versions (buster) and (bullseye) which include the following fixes in an attempt to address major issues discussed since the stable release. However these are untested because I have no proper real-life server on which to test those. We are looking for tech-savvy users running a Raspberry Pi willing to test the Buster->Bullseye and make sure that those patch don’t make the server explode :sweat_smile: !

  • [fix] bullseye migration: add ffsync to deprecated apps (77c2f5dc)
  • [fix] bullseye migration: add fix for stupid dnsmasq not picking new init script (625eb79c / forum thread)
  • [fix] bullseye migration: add the patch for the build-essential / libc6-dev / libgcc-8-dev hell … (3f0b19d1 / forum thread)
  • [fix] bullseye migration: add critical fix for RPi failing to get network on reboot (98506d6a / forum thread)
  • [fix] postgresql 11->13 migration: skip if no yunohost app depend on postgresql (d161da03)
  • [fix] venv rebuild: migration should have an empty disclaimer when in auto mode (d2a6dcd4)