Youhou ! 2 days uptime and increasing!

It seems that I at least have a stable 3.2.2 configuration with 2 days uptime and all services runnings well.




In fact it has even improved!



Maybe change the heading to 3 days too. :smile:

I think of creating another thread where all people will be asked to post their uptime record. This will help to grab a vision of the level of stability of the internetcube/Yunohost

$ uptime
up 64 days

Jokes aside :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:, I’d be curious to know what issues led your cube to reboot :s My RPi-based server has “only” 64 days uptime because I had to, like, physically move the server from one place to another. Other than that, technical issues might lead you to be willing to reboot, but ?

Sometimes you need to reboot to apply some kernel change…

Yes, or some long power outage, or hardware maintenance or…

It is not really hard to have an idea of yunohost sability : check how many users stay on this software (userbase stability) and how many newcomers it have each weeks/month/years (software popularity).

If yuno was instable as fuck, it would lost almost all its users (except dev/fanatics) and/or have a big turnover of users (try it, curse it, leave it).

Well in fact we do not really have a concrete idea of this :confused: How would you measure this ? Nowadays we are a bit pessimistic that many people try yunohost and in fact give up during the first hours or days because of (basically) UX issue be it in the initial install process, or the apps install process (e.g. no indication yet about app level)

Well, despite some issues, I continued to use yuno in part because a friend use it :slight_smile:

To monitor yunohost sites activity, we could for exemple monitor each day how many yuno there are and list them in order to see the average lifetime of them.

iirc tools like could help this monitoring. Here is an example :

From my last guess, the symptoms were that the Lime2 lost its IPv6 address from time to time, leading to vpn not being able to start, and after a while it seems that systemd rebooted the card.
I have also fixed some issues in MySql

InnoDB: Error: Column last_update in table "mysql"."innodb_table_stats" is INT UNSIGNED NOT NULL but should be BINARY(4) NOT NULL (type mismatch)

Which was as easy as dumping mysql table and reimporting it. Maybe an issue during the migration from 2.7.5 to 3.2.2 ?

I also migrated manually from postgres9.4 to postgres9.6 and also removed manually php5-fpm to let php7-fpm to run correctly.

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