Ynhpanel.js mimetype is application/html

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Hi there,

I have an issue with the latest version of YNH: 2.7.12
SSOWAT that serves the ynhpanel.js script is not returning a correct mimetype for that file: application/html must be text/javascript.

That file is not loaded in the latest Chrome and Firefox.


Uuuuh, could you elaborate ? ynhpanel.js is a js file, so that makes sense that its mimetype is text/javascript, doesn it ?

Can you provide some corresponding log or screenshot about why it is “not loaded” ?

Mmmh here is a french screenshot on firefox showing the issue.
In fact, in Chrome the error message is more explicit.

And here are the response header:



In fact you are right, that’s just because I wasn’t logged on, and the redirect replaced the JS file with the HTML login page…