YNH server as a website backup server


On one hand i am runing my yunohost instance on a vps which have 3T disk space.
On the other hand i am managing a few vps with websites on it for clients.
What i want to do is using my yunohost instance as a backup server for my clients vps/website.
I directly thought about rsyncing everything from website/vps instance to my yunnohost instance but when i try to connect through ssh to ynh server with a regular user account, the connection is immediatly closed …
So i can imagine that you guys, dev and ynh masters would have some good advices for me :smile:


maybe i could try to install and configure rsnapshot on my ynh server.
But i am quite afraid of messing with ynh since i really use it daily for everything, mail, calendars, owncloud, etc, everything.

Hi, I’m thinking of implementing a RSync web interface: http://furier.github.io/websync/
I don’t have much time at the moment but stay tuned…

hey great news !!
i didn’t know websync, sounds really great !
let me know if you need a hand, i’ll be happy to help

Well if you want to package it go ahead :smiley:
I have too many apps to package/fix so I guess for me it won’t be until a couple of months at least

Only the admin user can log in to yunohost ssh server.

Users yunohost created via the administration interface are managed by the LDAP directory and can not connect to ssh.
If you want another user admin to log on ssh, you must create it from the command line (through the admin user) as any user (adduser).
Rq: this user will not be usable since yunohost. It will have its own folder /home, his own linux group (see the principles of a Linux user and the various tutorials on the subject in any good documentation on the administration in Debian).