Ynh 2.7.12 try to install nextcloud 13 and fails

this is a clean install on a new VM

uninstalling and re installing does not work

yunohost app install --verbose nextcloud


dpkg: nextcloud-ynh-deps: dependency problems, but configuring anyway as you requested:
 nextcloud-ynh-deps depends on php5-redis; however:
  Package php5-redis is not installed.
 nextcloud-ynh-deps depends on php5-imagick; however:
  Package php5-imagick is not installed.
 nextcloud-ynh-deps depends on smbclient; however:
  Package smbclient is not installed.

everything else look normal

Hmmm can you provide the full log ? Ideally with --debug ?

OMFG i got my mind blown by this

installing the nextcloud from chromium using the web interface but disabling the drop down menu and simply typing <adminusername> instead of <adminusername@domain.com> actually installs with no issue

Ah ? You mean you answered something like admin@yourdomain.tld when asked for the admin user ? (Just trying to be sure to see if we can reproduce / fix this ?)

when i installed via yunohost app install --verbose nextcloud i just placed the user name with no domain and it did still fail so today i did what i said above via chromium i dint do anything else on the machine from yesterday since today

what else could be ?

Could you please share the full log of the install via CLI (yunohost app install nextcloud --verbose) so that we can see what’s happening?

@JimboJoe i dont have it anyome, the log gets lost when i rollback the vm to previous snapshot

So, could you please try again so that we can help you?

i cant get that again in a new vm :frowning: