XMPP/Conversations behind restrictive firewall

XMPP/Conversations works great on my home network behind my router.

At my work, the router is very restrictive I guess, so XMPP doesn’t work at all.

I read stuff here and there about a TURN/Coturn server? Would that help?

Is there any other way I can make XMPP work behind router at my work?

With a webclient like movim ?

sadly that doesn’t work.

i guess i may have to use VPN? or try and figure out wireguard again.

Si tu as SSH tu peux faire

ssh -D3128

Hi you can use conversjs.
I think at your work the https isn’t blocked and it’ll do the job :wink:
another solution is to use xmpp over http with the bosh module (i use it at my previous job) but it was with prosody server.
I don’t use ejabered so I don’t know if it posible. I think you can but need some advance tweek …
Turn/Coturn is for the audio/video call behind NAT. don’t do the job for your problem

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