'www.domain' does not show default Custom-Webapp as 'domain' alone does

Hi yunohost-specialists for domains and/or nginx!

I run yunohost in a virtual machine in kvm under debian-buster, administered by Virtual Machine Manager,
so I have direct access as admin or root as well as through webadmin.
The ports 22,25,80,443,587,993,2222,2269 are forwarded to the virtual machine (see https://ports.yunohost.org:ok), mailserver works ok.

The Problem including history:
Standard-domain = familie-xxx.at

Letsencrypt-certificate = gratulation, installed ok in yunohost webadmin.

Default App set to Custom-Webapp (webadmin), working ok:

when I call https://familie-xxx.at the homepage at /site is shown, ok!

I put a second domain in yunohost (webadmin) : www.familie-xxx.at, ok.

Now: in DNS: CNAME for www.familie-xxx.at => familie-xxx.at

when I call www.familie-xxx.at in firefox (or palemoon) : no connection, security problem, must be!

→ Letsencrypt-certificate for www.familie-xxx.at = gratulation, installed ok in yunohost.

when I call www.familie-xxx.at in firefox (or palemoon) : no more security-problem,

BUT: yunohost.sso is shown and not the default-app Custom-Webapp.

Same happens when I put an
A-record in DNS: www.familie-xxx.at => (same IP as for familie-xxx.at)

What can I do in DNS, nginx-configuration or somewhere else,
that a call of [www.familie-xxx.at] also leads to the Custom-Webapp as a call of [familie-xxx.at]??

You should use the “redirect” app with a public_301 redirection to https://familie-xxx.at

Hello ljf,
thank you very much, I’ll try and tell you, what happend!
greetings from

Hi Ijf,
Great, it works! I redirected / from www.familie-xxx.at to https://familie-xxx.at/site/, since no other app needs to be called by www…
Thanks very much again,

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