[Wordpress] from private to public

Is there a way to change Wordpress from private to public after installing the app?

I found the following line in the install script:
ynh_app_setting_delete $app unprotected_uris

I’m guessing there is a “clean” way to revert the process.

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In short this feature is not yet implemented

In fact there is a version of the wordpress app with this feature: https://github.com/YunoHost-Apps/wordpress_ynh/tree/app_action , but this version is not official

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Thanks for the pointer.
I actually needed to set the app public.
I applied the following:

source /usr/share/yunohost/helpers
ynh_app_setting_set wordpress unprotected_uris "/"
sudo yunohost app ssowatconf
sudo systemctl reload nginx
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@djib Did it work? That is exactly what I need to do