Wordpress doesn't accept plugins uploaded via FTP


My YunoHost server

Server Tower via VM
YunoHost version: YunoHost (stable).
I have access to my server : Yes
If yes, please explain:
themes and host file mainly

Description of my issue

Cannot use plugins which are ftp’ed to my Wordpress instance.

Plugins don’t show up or aren’t usable.

It does nothing after uploading a plugin it doesn’t work.

Well, there’s not much to work on here. No logs? No information on how you uploaded the plugins? :wink:

Random guess: you used the admin or root account for FTP, so the plugins files have different owner and Wordpress has no rights to touch them.

sudo chown -R wordpress: /var/www/wordpress might help you. But again, I am only guessing here.

Sounds legit to me :wink: test it asap. but for now nighty night!

Oh no its broken
this is on the plugin page; how can I revert that code?

Restoring a disk img backup is faster…

Oké @tituspijean lets not do that again oke?
Restoring the backup took a damn 8 hours. But luckily I make backups of every day and a backup of my backups :wink:

Since I screwed up several times…

@tituspijean hmm that ftp error could be my server disk which was full and therefore it couldn’t write things away.

If I make the VM disk bigger would the os and therefore YN appreciate it or am I in a 80% + risk to kill it?

I did it once with my VPS at OVH. I backed up the server (obviously), and followed their instructions on how to expand the main partition. It worked in my case, this kind of system alterations should be transparent for YunoHost, but I cannot 100% guarantee it. Your provider should have similar instructions.

provider? you either correct that or don’t take your answer because you should know bij now.

Look @Aleks which provider is het talking about and why should I ever need them?

Oh, my bad. You actually wrote it at the top of the thread. You should then read “provider” as “your VM software”.

So, yes: it should work, but we will not provide any statistics for success.

Just checking how sharp you where :wink: na na na na na :stuck_out_tongue:

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