WordPress : copie carbone d'un autre wordpress

Y a-t-il moyen d’avoir une copie d’un site wordpress (que j’héberge à distance) vers une instance hébergée chez moi dans mon serveur yunohost ? Synchro distant vers local : médias, catégories, articles, pages, extensions, thèmes, etc
Je n’ai pas accès ssh sur le serveur distant

Ma francais est terrible, je ecrire en anglais.

If you don’t have SSH access, do you have other access besides the admin pages?

Most complete way of copying would be by making a backup of the database. 1. Make a backup of the current site. Use PHPMyAdmin if that is available on the server, or install one of the many backup-plugins to make a DB dump/backup
2. Move the DB backup to your Yunohost
3. Restore the database using PHPMyAdmin under another name
4. Now you have two Wordpress databases: a) Wordpress from Yunohost, I’ll call it Yunoword; b) Wordpress from your old server, I’ll call it Oldword
5. Make a backup of Yunoword (better safe than sorry)
6. Copy records from Oldword to Yunoword. Some fields have to be changed, so that the author ID and such match
7. There are some 15 tables, but maybe you do not need all items.

Does it give an idea where to start?

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Thanks for the reply.
I thought there was a more automated way.
I have access to the first server using directadmin. There is a one click backup feature to save the dB to an sql file.
But you didn’t mention the files. I think it’s important to copy some folders like themes, media, etc…
May be if I create an ftp account pointing to the base folder of the first WordPress site and make a cronjob to copy all the files to local folders.

You can backup your wordpress with yunohost backup feature, and restore it on the local server.

Sorry, I didn’t mention that the first WordPress was hosted on a webhost, I have access using directadmin.

I use a plugin BackupBuddy | WordPress Backup Plugin by iThemes to move my wordpress sites between hosting solutions. I used it to move 5 wordpress to Yunohost.

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