Will there be a Nextcloud app?

I’m just wondering what the position is on the whole ownCloud / Nextcloud fork? Will Yunohost be supporting one, the other or both?

From the sounds of it, Nextcloud will be doing their first release by the end of the month, with one of the primary goals being to provide a clear and easy migration path from ownCloud to Nextcloud.

I’m wondering how we’ll handle converting ownCloud users installs to NextCloud (assuming Nextcloud will be supported on Yunohost). Maybe a specific “Convert an ownCloud instance to Nextcloud” Yunohost app? Of course, there is talk from the Nextcloud camp, of providing something like an ownCloud app to do the conversion, so we may need to do very little here indeed. I just don’t see that become an authorized app on the ownCloud app store any time soon…

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I haven’t really grasped all the changes that NextCloud suggests. In particular, I haven’t understood what they meant by their user VS customers distinctions.

Wait and see…

I just went on the NexCloud webiste and read for half an hour, it seems the cofounder decided to leave because he thought the way it went was not open enough and wanted to involve more people.

This is maybe just PR, I don’t know but he seems to have taken with him quite a few Owncloud employee with him in the process. He is also partenering with spreed.me (ever heard of the iridium browser ?).

I think it’s a case of wait and see for YNH.

Yes for now I guess it’s time for wait & see. But in my opinion there’s two things to keep in my mind:

  • For now Nextcloud and Owncloud’s code is the same, it will be more difficult to migrate from one to another when the code will start to contain big differences
  • If we trust what we read about Nextcloud separation from Owncloud it seems to be for “good” reasons or at least reasons that are more similar to Yunohost values than Owncloud

Actuaslly every core ownCloud dev except one have shifted over to Nextcloud, as have the devs of a number of the main apps (Calendar, Contacts, Gallery, News). Within 12 hours of Nextcloud being announced, ownCloud Inc’s investors pulled out and ownCloud Inc. shut down.

While ownCloud the open source project still exists, it’s pretty much as dead as it can be with all of it’s financial support gone, it’s core devs moved to a competing project and community support overwhelmingly behind Nextcloud. If you look, the vast majority of development in the owncloud repositories on Github is basically being done by the Nextcloud devs in places where they’re still using the ownCloud infrastructure (eg. discussion on outstanding issues).

We didn’t discussed that yet, but I’ve preferred to create a new YunoHost package for Nextcloud here - feel free to test and contribute! Note that it’s planned to manage the upgrade from the ownCloud app to this new one. That way, both applications can still live, and no choice has to be made between one project or another.


great to see, that you managed to provide the migration from owncloud to nextcloud… buti will wait furthermore, cause i don’t have a testing environment…

Great to hear. I’d like to help test. I just have one question first. I set up a single instance of ownCloud via Yunohost and manually upgraded it to Nextcloud before the app was available.

What I’d like to do is help test this app until it’s stable, then use it to set up a new instance of Nextcloud. Then I will migrate my data from the old instance that Yunohost thinks is ownCloud, to the new instance.

I don’t want the Yunohost app touching my “ownCloud” (now Nextcloud) install. So if I run this app, will it see that install of “ownCloud” (now Nextcloud) and try to migrate it to Nextcloud automatically? Or can I just use the app to make a new install of Nextcloud and have it leave my “owncloud” alone?

I’m also curious… why does the Nextcloud app appear to be single instance only, unlike ownCloud?

I’m not sure to have understood all of your questions, sorry about that. Anyway, if it can provide ~ an answer, the owncloud app will always provide ownCloud. It will never automatically switch to Nextcloud with an app upgrade - except if it becomes really essential, i.e. for a security reason. Instead, to migrate from ownCloud to Nextcloud, one will have to manually upgrade the owncloud app with the nextcloud app URL, as described here - by the way, any tests and feedbacks are really welcome!

The main reason is that all the YunoHost users are available / visible from one ownCloud / Nextcloud instance regarding the LDAP configuration. We already discussed that with opi, but changing that in the owncloud app can be touchy. Moreover, as some gymnastics are needed to make it multi-instances, I’ve chosen to simplify things with this new nextcloud app. And, finally, it makes the migration from ownCloud much easier.

Note that I’ve decided that quite alone, so if you think that it should remain a multi-instances app, feel free to tell it!

Thanks for the reply @jerome!

I was actually asking if installing the Nextcloud app would automatically try to upgrade my ownCloud instance to Nextcloud. I ended up just taking a snapshot of my VM though and trying it. Thankfully my instance of Nextcloud that was a manual upgrade from ownCloud still seems to function as such. I admit I’m afraid to apply Yunohosts app upgrades now though.

Anyway, I can completely understand getting single instance solid first so we can release the stable Nextcloud app asap, although eventually, I really would like to be able to install more than one instance. For example, right now I have an instance that uses the “Stable” channel to use for my family, and then another install using “Daily” that I use with non-critical data for testing and development purposes.

I will say though that when I tried the Nextcloud app, it seemed to work flawlessly for me (unless it was *supposed to change my ownCloud instance to Nextcloud, which I’m glad it didn’t! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )

No, the Nextcloud app will never touch to your ownCloud application automatically - e.g. with a simple app upgrade - but only the Nextcloud one. That’s why the trick I gave to migrate from ownCloud to Nextcloud can only be done manually.

I don’t really understand your case… What do you mean by “Stable” and “Daily” channel? If you’re talking about YunoHost, I assume you’ve got two separate installations and that Nextcloud doesn’t have to be multi-instances to be installed on both systems. If you’re talking about Nextcloud, there is no such channels, but only one app in one application list…

In nextcloud, under the admin section, you can set which upgrades to Nextcloud you want to be notified of, with the option to upgrade. You can set it to “Production” which is similar to Long Term Support, releases, you can set it to “Stable” which means normal releases, or you can set it to “Daily” which pulls the latest unstable code directly from master.

I want to run a relatively stable version of Nextcloud for my family, while having another version which always has the latest code from master, for testing purposes.

You should never upgrade Nextcloud this way but only with the YunoHost application, otherwise you’ll more than probably break it at the next application upgrade. By the way, this feature - the upgrade checker - must be disabled…

Hi! Sorry for further questioning, but for all people lacking experience and a test environment, can you please clarify:

  • Assumption: existing working installation of OwnCloud
  • I follow the instructions you provide for the upgrade, which looks pretty easy and straightfoward, thanks for it!
  • Expected result:
  • I have now a NextCloud instance REPLACING the OwnCloud instance

As an alternative, still per my understanding:

  • Assumption: existing working installation of OwnCloud
  • I can install NextCloud as a conventional third-party app
  • Expected result:
  • I have now an instance of OwnCloud AND an instance of NextCloud next to each other on the system
  • If that’s the case, are they sharing the same data (and databases)?

Last but not least: I guess that as of today, the 2 apps are pretty similar in terms of functionalities, so the move may not bring immediate benefits, but on the other hand, as the projects evolve separately, the migration may become more and more tricky.
How long do you think you’ll maintain the migration script?


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Little up here :slight_smile:

@jerome could you tell us what is the status of your Nextcloud app ?
By the way I wanna know if the integration is complete (and if not, what is still missing ?), because I’m willing to switch from my Owncloud instance - but without loosing any functionality (note: I don’t need multi-accounts)

Thanks :slight_smile:

Is that possible ? (it could help me to test it)

Hello, the package is up to date, fully fonctional. And coexist with owncloud package without a problem. Go on!

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Ok great, I’m gonna test it aside of Owncloud to be sure it works, make a backup, and update from Owncloud :slight_smile:
(and come back here in case of issue :imp: :stuck_out_tongue: )

Thanks for your work ! :slight_smile:

Another question: do you know if software like Owncloud sync client or QOwnNotes will still work with Nextcloud ?
That’s the only blocker for me right now, as I really need those software to be compatible.
I guess Nextcloud is still close enough of Owncloud to be compatible, but that can change later right ? (or is there a plan to stay compatible with Owncloud-clients ?)

The ownCloud client works perfectly with NextCloud.
By the way there is a nextcloud client, but actually I think the only difference with the owncloud client is the icon.

For QOwnNotes I don’t know.

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Great news :slight_smile:

That’s fine, so I’ll still have something compatible in the future.

Well I’ll test after backup+update.
And this software is updated so frequently, if it doesn’t work I’ll ask the devs, they may make it compatible :slight_smile:

Thanks for your answers :slight_smile: