Wifi network not connecting to internet on briqueinternet

hi there,
i installed a “brique” a few days ago to be used with a “freebox” and it had been working fine for a little time but since yesterday i cannot connect to the web using the wifi from the brique…
what i did :

what works :
i can reach my yunohost admin and public pages with their ip adress and domain name while connected on my box wifi or the brique wifi

what doesn’t work :
when connected to the brique wifi, i have no connection to internet…
when trying to access my domain trujillo.cloud from outside the box network (ie. with 3g for instance…)

i don’t know what i am not doing right…


me again,
after checking this page https://yunohost.org/#/troubleshooting_guide_fr especially the part about the services running, i noticed my service ynh-vpnclient was not active, i was not able to activate or start it… :cry:

also, i checked the “vpn client” application, and noticed that it was not running…

could this explain my problem, and how to fix this ??

well, i reinstalled yunohost and it is working fine now…