Where is the Pixelfed .env file?

Pixelfed won’t let me change any admin settings, but tells me this:

Add ENABLE_CONFIG_CACHE=true in your .env file
and run php artisan config:cache

Where is the .env file located or better yet, what is the exact command to add that to the .env file?

PS: Okay I found the .env file, but I can’t edit it, because it’s read-only. Even as root and with sudo I can’t edit it.

Even if you become root sudo su - and try to edit the file ?

If it does not allow you to edit as root, what is the result of ls -la /path/to/.env-file ?

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With sudo su - I can mess with the .env file, but that’s it… mess with it, not edit it.
I guess the Hetzner console just sucks.
I need to try to connect via SSH, but I haven’t managed that so far.

Thanks anyway. :slight_smile:


-r--------- 1 pixelfed pixelfed 2620 Aug 6 19:48 /var/www/pixelfed/.env

Ok … the .env permissions are set to read only (-r-----).

As root, you can change it’s permissions this way :

chmod u+w /var/www/pixelfed/.env

It will allow writing in the file ( -rw------ ).

Then you can edit the file and once you are satisfied, you can remove the write access this way:

chmod u-w /var/www/pixelfed/.env

For more details, have a look at some explanation about unix permissions and on Yunohost documentation about ssh.

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Okay I did that. Then edit .env while being in the right folder and now I can edit the file, but how can I save and quit editing the file?

Okay, now I managed to edit the file. I used vim because edit was shit.

Now I can see the admin settings in Pixelfed, but when I try to change something and save I get:

" Something went wrong

We cannot process your request at this time, please try again later. Go back to Pixelfed."

PS: Okay, but at least now I know how to change the admin settings from the terminal.

Thanks @tierce :slight_smile:

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For the record: that .env file is in /var/www/pixelfed/.env.

That’s not normal. As root you should be able to edit it, for example with /var/www/pixelfed/.env.
Any idea @yalh76 ? :thinking:

What did you change ? Did you run all the php/artisan commands recommended at the end of the .env file ?

sudo su - alone didn’t do the trick. I had to chmod u+w /var/www/pixelfed/.env to make the file writeable.

I ran php artisan config:cacheas was suggested to me by Pixelfed in the original error message, after I made the file read-only again.
Should I run another command?

That’s why I think there is a problem somewhere… But don’t know what.

As far as I know you need to run :

php artisan cache:clear
php artisan optimize:clear
php artisan optimize

In order to take the changes into account.
Sometimes I also restart php service : service php7.3-fm restart.

Note: you might specify php version, with php7.3 for instance (that’s the current version used).

That didn’t change anything, but because of another issue I ran:

php artisan passport:keys
php artisan config:cache
php artisan route:cache
php artisan passport:client --personal

And now it works. :slight_smile:

Ok, I don’t know what happened (I know nothing about this php artisan stuff), but great to know it is solved :slightly_smiling_face:

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