Where is the ownCloud admin interface?

I recently installed the ownCloud app for YunoHost. I have been using ownCloud for years manually installed on other systems, so I am confused by the lack of an admin interface. When I select “Admin”, I get a blank page. Similarly I get a blank page when trying to load the Users or Apps pages. Any documentation about this?

Also, where is the Gallery mode button for shared folders that have photos in them? ownCloud 7.0.2 should have this feature.

Update: A few hours after installing the app and posting my question, I can suddenly access the Admin, Users, and Apps pages. I don’t know why I couldn’t load them before. Problem solved, I guess…

I still don’t know where the standard apps are like Pictures, Contacts, Calendar, etc. I am manually copying the folders [owncloud root]/apps/{gallery, calendar, contacts, etc} from an older installation into the new one and manually enabling them through the Apps page.

I really miss the bookmark service in it. How did you brought back the missing gallery buttons?

If you download the ownCloud package for manual installation from ownCloud.org, there are the apps you want in /apps/{gallery, calendar, contacts, etc}. You can simply copy these folders to your YunoHost ownCloud installation (typically /var/www/owncloud), and they will appear as apps available for installation when you click the “add app” button.

Thank you ,copping the apps from the package to the app folder of owncloud worked.

How did you copy /apps to /var/www/owncloud in the server? I forgot how I did it.

You should be able to use

rsync -va [source dir]/apps/[app_name]/ /var/www/owncloud/apps/[app_name]/


chown -R [user]:[user] /var/www/owncloud/apps/

with the appropriate user.