Where are 2.6 Img?

Hello !

I’ve recently download Raspberry and PC image to proceed fresh install of Yunohost, but they are old (Januar, 2.5 version).
I think its difficult to make updated image, but can we hope download them soon ?

Sorry for my bad english, thanks a lot for your great works !

Hello @MaxKoder :slight_smile:

I can’t answer directly to your question regarding the iso image, but using the 2.5 image and updating it isn’t a big deal: after installing, you go to the admin panel, and update your system.

You would probably have to do it anyway because of the regular update (like security fixes) of the distribution. And even Yunohost get some minor updates from time to time.

So even if it’s a bit less convenient, it’s not a big issue.
(but in the future we will need a new image for Debian 9 / Stretch, as updating from the old one is another story, and less user-friendly)

Yeah not big issue, only little convenient for someone is trying ans install a lot of times :wink:

Thanks for your reply