When I log out of the Mastodon app it goes to /yunohost/sso/

I have Yuno running on yuno.domain.com.
I have Mastodon running on domain.com.

I can log into Mastodon with a username that was created in Mastodon directly, and does not exist on Yuno. When I log out, it is expected that I will go back to domain.com/auth/sign_in or at the very least simply domain.com.

Instead, it redirects to domain.com/yunohost/sso/

Would anyone know how I can fix this? I have seen some solutions for similar problems with Wordpress and Nextcloud, but the solutions are specific to those apps and would not work with Mastodon.

You need to revert the yunohost patch for SSO. And you probably need to do it for each upgrade (or create a post_app_upgrade hook that do it for you).

Replace into app/controllers/application_controller.rb




And rerun mastodon service.

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Thank you very much for your response. Unfortunately Yuno somehow took over my CLI even though I told it not to upon installation, and the login isn’t working, so I’m probably just going to have to do a wipe and go back to Cloudron, which I’m not crazy about. I really was loving Yunohost but I feel like it’s more designed to be center stage with all the apps it installs and I just wanted something to run on the backend and help me get everything configured.

Have you tried to access through the admin user (qith the password of the webadmin) ?

ssh admin@domain.tld

I don’t recall if I tried that or not. I assumed that by telling it no to the SSH question that no changes would be made to my SSH login. I would try that now but I already wiped my Yuno install. If give yuno another go I will try that.

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