When do updates for Friendica come

Sorry, my English is not good and there is still no German here, although I also do donations and advertising in Germany.
The problem is with Friendica there has been no update for a long time. When you approach Friedica’s support, always say that you wanted to help, only Yunohost refused. In addition, Media Wiki is gone, which I don’t think is great either.
But also the update for Friendica and mastodon other apps are no longer up to date. I have heard that you lack people and you have problems. It would be nice if you could tell something about it. Thank you and stay healthy.

There is already a PR for the latest version in Friendica. The problem is that the LDAP is broken in latest version. Due to which its been tested. You can backup and upgrade Friendica if you want to try the latest version.

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Dankeschön für die Information. Leider ist das wieder nicht alles Übersetzbar. Also für mich wieder nicht umsetzbar. Da keiner mal was in Deutsch dazu geschrieben hat. Wenn hier nicht Frame-Soft open-sources so bekannt und gut wäre ,dann würde ich wechseln. Sorry aber hier im Forum kann ich oft genauso wenig lesen und mitkommen. Es kann und will nicht jede Person Englisch . Fragen sie mal einen Franzosen, ob Englisch da jeder kann. Ich denke nicht. Habe mir das auf Github angeschaut. Doch komme ich nicht weiter, weil sich das nicht übersetzen lässt. Darüber hinaus komme ich seitdem update von YunoHost nicht mehr auf meinen Server über Terminal. Verstehe ich auch nicht. Ich schaue jetzt, wenn sich das nicht bessert auch mit den Sprachen sorry dann werde ich wohl oder übel mal den anderen Anbieter probieren. Da ich so nichts machen kann. Und das nervt genauso. Also ich verstehe nicht wie das gehen soll, wenn ich, nachdem Update eben wie gesagt auf die 4.0.8 jetzt nicht mehr auf das Terminal komme.

Thank you for the information. Unfortunately, not all of this is translatable. So again not feasible for me. Since nobody has ever written anything in German about it. If Frame-Soft open-sources weren’t so well known and good here, I would switch. Sorry but here in the forum I can often just as little read and come along. Not every person can or wants English. Ask a French person whether everyone speaks English there. I do not think so. I checked it out on Github. But I can’t get any further because it can’t be translated. In addition, since the YunoHost update I have not been able to access my server via the terminal. I don’t understand either. I’ll see now, if that doesn’t improve with the languages ​​too, sorry then I’ll try the other provider for better or worse. Since I can’t do anything like that. And that’s just as annoying. So I don’t understand how that should work if, after updating to 4.0.8 as I said, I can no longer access the terminal.

I don’t think I can do that on Github because I have difficulty translating English. Do you have another idea or is there someone who can help me virtually. Thank you and stay healthy. And to all the French, my condolences to the attack in France. I stand with you in my heart. And think of the bereaved

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