When do I need to reboot after upgrades?

I’m sure it’s needed to reboot after a kernel upgrade, but is there another package upgrade that needs a server reboot ? Yunohost ? Moulinette…? etc. ?

Thx !

I don’t think so. In fact, following my first UNIX teacher, I personally try to fight this myth that “you need to reboot your machine once in a while otherwise you obviously will encounter issues !”.

This essentially is a bad practice coming from Windows, because Windows’s design is absolute-batshit crazy and you basically should reboot your machine after performing any admin action.

So, I might be wrong (and probably are), but to me there are only ~three legitimate reasons to reboot a server :

  • a kernel upgrade (though I think I heard at some point about hot-upgrades of kernel, which sounds very magic) or stuff like hot-changes in partitionning ;
  • you need to reload some hardware thing (i.e. try to re-detect a network card after installing a missing driver, or reload a kernel module) and don’t want to spend 30 minutes searching for the appropriate command ;
  • the server got absolutely, completely stucked because of lack of RAM / CPU (though it seems like eventually it always comes back at some point ?).

Otherwise, anything you might want to restart “as if you were to reboot” should be possible. And especially services like web server, app daemons, network stack, web api, database services, and so on.

So nope, no reboot is needed when upgrading Yunohost or any other “regular” package - except if something explicetely tells you to.

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Ok thx!
Yes I’ve heard too about loading new kernels, without reboot… but never tried to find something about this…
I’m ok, when using Windows, it’s usually safe to reboot sometimes :stuck_out_tongue:

Thx for your answer