What's the app name of this forum?

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What’s the app name of this forum? It looks like flarum. Possible to have it in the official dep? Seems to be stable.


It’s Discourse, which looks a lot like Flarum (or vice-versa).

Unfortunately, it’s pretty difficult to package it as it’s relying exclusively on Docker (devs are pretty agressive if you start asking about installation without Docker), among other things (I don’t know all the details).

As far as I know, there’s an ongoing package (maybe kinda working?) for Flarum, but it sounds like a Discourse package won’t be available anytime soon.

Ok thanks for the news. I’m gonna see if I can install it on an empty server.

For my part Flarum don’t want to install on my Yunohsot 2.7 server.
Really a newbie with cooding so… I have to be patient I mean.

In fact I’m in research of a collaborative social network where I can use and share spreadsheet, pad, files and discuss like FB with threads and possibility to answer in the thread to one person. I think this function is genius. It’s the perfect mix of forum and messenger and it’s very constructive.

Actually we use Riot client with Synapse server. We can add google spreadsheet plugin link but not all the team can see it and it’s a simple messenger.

You may have a look at Mattermost for which a YunoHost package exists.

Already try but too complex for me to integrate service. I’m not dev but I hope found an all in one solution. At this time Yunohost is the most promising solution. I work with people who are very far far lointain from new technology.

So how works docker on raspberry pi 3? Is it not too much for the RPI?

So you tried the Mattermost package for YunoHost? It means installing Mattermost in 3 clicks, so what “integration” complexity do you mean?

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Yes off course its simple to install. I mean other app with api integration for mattermost. Mattermost work fine on my sever. Basically it’s just messenger and riot’s interface is most user friendly.
I use google sheet but I’m in search of decentralised solution and ethercalc is not ready with yunohost.

OK, got it.
From my point of view, matrix/riot has the best level of integration at the moment…

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About Discourse, I’ve tried to install it on an empty server Ubuntu 14 and after having a look a “discourse” forum, it look like there is a lot of issue with smtp server.
I’ve tried a lot a solution then posta topic but none can resolve my issue.
Have you choose any provider in particular for admin registration? Can I have a look at your containers/app.yml file without sensitive data?

Sorry for the off-topic.