What to do with apps that suddenly are "broken" or "low quality" according to the catalogue?

I really love Yunohost and am very happy about the recent development with much activity and many new apps all the time.

One thig that worries me from time to time is the changing status of apps, when they suddely disappear from the catalogue because they now are low quality or even broken / not working. One recent example is Synapse. I was planning to use it more often and now I am no longer sure as it is labelled “broken”. Searx is suddenly broken as well. Seafile = low quality. What does it mean for us users and admins when apps loose quality? Shall we stop using them? Thanks!


Zblerg, for the three you’re mentionning I guess sooner or later they’ll be fixed … it’s just that they spontaneously broke because of something related to pip (the python package manager) and rust compiler … not sure exactly, somebody has to look into it … but it’s better to be aware that the app currently isn’t working properly (because computerz™) than discovering it when you try to install/upgrade it :confused:

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OK, thanks for the explanation. So the downgrade is related to installing or upgrading only?

Do you think it would be possible to include a kind of explantion or changelog regarding the quality level in the app’s readme?

You mean the meaning of the level, or do you mean explaining why the app is for example only level 0/1/2/3/4 ?

the latter in my view, why the app is on a specific level, so in case of Matrix: Is it still safe to use, or is only installing / upgrading effected, for example.

Yes, that was my first concern for Synapse’s that are already running. I can imagine the app getting 0-rating if the first step, installation, does not work, but like @TheNomad11 suggests: if only that is affected, it is inconvenient, but no security risk.

By the way, I had a look in the contribute room, to see where I should start to eh, look into it, so to speak. There is a lot of work being done to ease starting with package management, is there a place where I should start looking? I have basic knowledge of Python, but never touched Rust or Yunohost internals yet.