What does "mutualized" mean?

It says in the Yunohost documentation that Yunohost is not suited for building a mutualized server.

I’m not sure what “mutualized” exactly means in this context? The intention may be that it’s not supposed to scale to hosting thousands of people on one server, and that virtualized solutions might be better for that.

I think “mutualization” in this sense may be a term that’s used more often in French that in English. I’d be grateful if someone who knows could elaborate.

I think it means that it is not suited to deploy different services for different people.

For example, deploy 5 NextCloud, one for each people asking you to have a NextCloud.
It is mean to deploy ONE NextCloud, where those 5 people will have access.

So 1 « group » of users, that will have ways to « see » that the other exists.

Deploying YunoHost for a family, or a group of friends, or an association/company is great.
But deploying one YunoHost to host services for multiple groups is dangerous.


Thanks, that makes sense.

I guess that means that one of the things the term “mutualization” covers is shared hosting solutions for different organizations or groups.

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