What credentials to use when configuring e-mail notification for a daemon on the machine

I’m configuring a RAID controller and it has e-mail notification options. Should I use my private credentials for it to connect to the SMTP server?

Or will the SMTP server allow anonymous connections from withing the machine?



With apticron (which sends emails daily to let me know if there is an update or not), I haven’t had anything special to do.

I think you can do a simple test, in a root shell (same as your raid controller script I suppose), to send you email :

echo “test” | mail -s “hello world” admin@yourdomain.tld

Do all programs send mail like that? Why would a daemon request SMTP credentials when it would send e-mail like this?

Not all but some.

There are indeed more than one way to send emails :slight_smile:

Smtp, sendmail, mail, php_mail(), etc.

It really depends how is your raid daemon configured/programmed.