Wekan packaging



Wekan is a nice open-source Trello-like kanban, allowing to manage tasks with other people.


I started a package here. For the moment it kind of works, but this is still experimental. DO NOT DEPLOY IN PRODUCTION.

The main drawback at the moment is that it’s not integrated with the LDAP. So users have to create accounts (and can create infinite number of accounts) manually, and need to login manually specifically in Wekan.

Because Wekan is based on nodejs and Meteor, it’s not the easiest thing to package and test. Feel free to contribute if you know these technologies or are interested in Wekan for Yunohost.

To-do list

  • Finish nginx / nodejs configuration to proxy-pass properly (right now accessing /wekan triggers requests to stuff like /b7f92e51163.js, which is blocked by SSOwat. Should be /wekan/b7f92e51163.js)
  • Test / make it work on ARM
  • LDAP is not yet integrated in Wekan, unfortunately… but some people did tweak things as discussed here
  • Upgrade, backup and restore scripts


I have updated the package with a backup script and a version precompiled from wekan upstream (no need of meteor).

The restore script is untested for now.

There is no change_url script and no ldap.


How is the status of wekan for ARM? I tried to install it but it says that mongodb-org stuff is not installed.
Could it run properly on an Olimex lime1 (512Mb Ram with swap)?