Hello everybody…

new question: I got a YNH, updated, with a Moodle, a Nextcloud, a Peertube and a Lychee (these last two are only to host the media I use on Moodle, so no big use…)

and NetData sends me warning about several things, one of them is:
web_log_MyWebsiteURL.response_statuses 70%
I think it means only 70% of web requests are properly replied…

I got a SSD, recent one, and my machine is a DELL PowerEdge T110 II, Xeon E 1220 x2, 16 Gb de Ram, which is the best gear but to my point of view, powerful enough to handle the Moodle and the Nextcloud…

any idea ?

EDIT: I did my best to find a solution, or to increase the workers, but there’s no indication anywhere how to do that… the pb is stil here and it’s a real pb

It’s not enough to increase resources to be able to support a lot of users (i suppose it’s the case with this kind of hardware).

For PHP app like nextcloud, you need to increase number of workers and RAM allocated to each workers. If you have not enough worker, it’s possible that your workers are overflowed by the number of request received.

An experimental hidden option allows you to do it from webadmin by going on the hidden page:

Same for moodle probably.

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