Web connections & routers?

1)Yuno installed & seems functional. Was able to send/receive email & play with apps while using Yuno on it’s install computer — BUT when i reconnected from another computer(all in same house, all ethernet) there was NO connection to my Yuno box. Hard for me easy for you to figure?
2) this is a different question If Yuno was installed ontop of a Debian_os Think the Debian default login might also block Yuno from starting(now headless)? I guess i might have to disable login screen for auto loggin?


I’ve just been through a big discussion recently, (caused by a slight miscommunication, I might add) about installing YunoHost on top of Debian instead of Raspbian / Raspberry Pi OS.

Nope. You blatantly ignored the message template to properly ask for support. You need to be as precise as possible in your support requests. Like, for example, the type of machine you are using, as hinted by fritto.
What do you mean by “NO connection”? How did you try to connect (web browser, SSH, SFTP, telepathy (:stuck_out_tongue:), with domain name, public or local IP address)? What is the actual, verbatim error you see?

YunoHost should have overridden the default login prompt and installed its own background services. Can you share a screenshot of what you see? Had you installed a desktop environment before installing YunoHost?


‘Unable to connect’.
Using a Yuno free address b-cause my ip is dynamic, it also works with my own domain. I can reach all Yuno pages from install machine but if try from another pc all the pages are ‘Unable to connect’.
So domains accepts signals from install machine but not world wide web…

*Screenshot would be the regular Debian login requiring password page.
1-Debian Install with default debian desktop
2-Yuno install from terminal

:cowboy_hat_face: Hi y’all, back to Yuno set-up Rodeo. See me trying? Almost there i think.

My setup:
Latest Yunohost installed on Debian_os
Installed on minisforum ‘mini pc’ 4g 64GB eMMC
No access on regular web, only from host machine.
Am using a Yuno domain on dynamic ip. Thumbs.ynh.fr

Yuno ‘Diagnostic’ panel:

IPv6 not working:

Where/how to add these records. I cannot log as ‘Root’? :

Cannot log as ‘Root’:

I did send/receive emails. Not sure where to set ‘reverse Dns’ in router or Yuno files? :

Hi, very good! I think so too :smiley:

No, indeed. Yunohost does tell that, during install, and asks if it is OK.

Try SSH log in as admin@thumbs...

User admin is allowed to use sudo (you can change things of course, but to keep it simple: use admin :wink: )

These records are for XMPP/Jabber. It is a nice system, but your Yunohost will run with these warnings.

Does your ISP provide IPv6? If not, it could be helped (with a tunnel), but it will add some complexity for relatively little gain in the short run.

You already opened ports in your router?

When you say, “I can’t connect”, did you have the opportunity to check whether it works from an external IP, outside your LAN (via a mobile internet connection on your phone for example)?

Replying so you know i’m on it.
No time for all details at the moment.
One mention is when i connect from another house pc to Thumbs.ynh.fr
Get screen :

"Rejected request from RFC1918 IP to public server adress "

Are both ports 80 and 443 forwarded to your Yunohost (TCP, in both cases, if your router asks about it)?

Yes 80 & 443 Open And router will only set port 80 called WWW as TCP_UDP no TCP only option

Also i think i was not sure about set IP to static in router in the beginning of set-up and might of skipped that.

That seems OK then.

I am not quite sure what you mean there.

When I ping your domain on IPv4, there is no reply. Is your server running all day, or do you shut it down? If it is running all day, something is wrong indeed :wink:

When you visit a site such as whatismyip.com, does your IPv4 start with 69 and end in 252, like I got when I ping your domain?

I forgot to mention that you have to use user ‘admin’ to use sudo (you can change that, but it makes things more complex for now). User ‘admin’ has the password that you also use when logging in to the admin pages of Yunohost.

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