[WARNING] Storage /var [..] space remaining [..]. Be careful

Hej there,

hope you are doing well out there. I just received a warning-message through my diagnosis-mail-account. And I hope to find some help here. :slight_smile:

My YunoHost server

Hardware: bare-metal amd64
YunoHost version: (stable)
I have access to my server : through the webadmin or direct access via keyboard / screen
Are you in a special context or did you perform some particular tweaking on your YunoHost instance ? : no
Which apps do I run on my server? I run a nextcloud, a synapse-server and also use the xmpp-instance of my server with some friends.

Description of my issue

I received a warning mail through my diagnosis saying:

System resources (systemresources)

[WARNING] Storage /var (on device /dev/mapper/solid--server--vg-var) has only 2.0 GiB (30%) space remaining (out of 6.6 GiB). Be careful.

Reading this, I am not sure whether that’s something to act on or whether it is still fine and I don’t have to do anything. Additionally, if I have to do something, I would not know what to do and therefore need help on this.

Thanks for taking the time to read my issue. If I forgot anything crucial I’m very willed to deliver it!! :slight_smile:


Hi Adrian,

As you noticed, it is a warning.

Depending on what apps you have installed, how things run, and how you use your Yunohost, 2 GB of space can be filled rapidly.

If you tomorrow get the same warning, but with 1,5 GB available instead of 2 GB, you know that you either have to start throwing things away or quickly give more space to /var. Seeing it is on LVM (/dev/mapper/…vg…), that may be easily arranged or could involve adding another harddisk/SSD if your current free extends ran out.

If tomorrow you get the same message, but with 1,99 GB available, you can breathe more relaxed and keep an eye on it :wink:

Is that helpful, or do you not know where to start next?


Hi wbk,

thanks for the quick reply.

So far, I did not get any warning lower than 2 GB. I assume there to be more free space on the existing hardware. I do not know though how I can give more space to the logical volume /var. Is there any guide on how to do that available?

Thanks already a lot for your advice! :slight_smile:


There are many guides on the 'net of course, to get you started:

  • pvs lists all ‘physical’ volumes: the actual storage hardware, or the partitions on it.
  • vgs lists all volume groups that house the logical volumes
  • lvs lists the logical volumes that house the file systems that can be mounted and used, such as /var

Running each of those commands will tell how large each of the volumes is, and whether any space is still available. LVM works with ‘extends’, bits of space that can be allocated to a logical volume.

If any space is available in a volume group, you can allocate it to a logical volume via

lvextend -tvr -L+10G volumegroup/logicalvolume /dev/sdx 3

In this example,

  • -t runs as test, to show what happens and check for problems
  • -v is more verbose, so you can see details of the steps
  • -r resizes the filesystem that is running on top of the volume
  • -L gives the size in bytes (as opposed to in extends)
  • +10G adds 10 GB (just using 10G will use 10 GB as the new size)
  • volumegroup/logicalvolume is the name of the group and volume on your system
  • /dev/sdx3 is the physical volume of which you want to use the extends for this action

It may look a bit complicated, but it works very well and is very flexible. The manual files of LVM have many examples.

First things first: have a look at the output of pvs, vgs and lvs to find out if you can grow any volumes if you wanted. If you’re not sure, post the output and we can have a look together.


Hi wbk,

thanks again for the answer and especially the in-depth explanations of the commands. I’ll try that out and guess that I’ll be fine. In case I cannot manage to implement your suggestions and run in other faults, I’ll come back to this threat.

Thank you very much for your pacience and kind support, highly appreciated and this community being a big plus for yunohost from my perspective!! :slight_smile:


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