Wallabag v2 Firefox Addon: "Impossible to connect"

Dear all,

Has anyone managed to use Wallabag v2 with the Firefox addon?

When trying to use the addon to add a new entry, the addon asks for a login with user and password, but says “Impossible to connect”.

I suspect this is because of the yunohost sso.

Any idea how to work around this?

Thanks a lot in advance.




Same problem here, and of course I guess it’s because of SSO.
I can’t use the bookmarklet or Android app either…

I face also the same problem.
Have anyone found a solution ?


I also have this problem. In fact it seems to be linked to the yunohost configuration. I don’t really know how to investigate. The logs in firefox ? logs from the app ?
If I have something, I’ll tell you

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It looks like I hav ethe same issue. Does anyone knows if the issue should be fixed?