Wallabag < Omnivore!

Hi to you all!

It has been quite some time I have been thinking that, while Wallabag is great and extremely useful, it… doesn’t feel right.

For this reason, I started looking around for valuable alternatives. For example, while Shaarli is much better for users like me, who are alone on a self-hosted instance, it lacks mobile apps and a modern UI.

I eventually ended up finding out about Omnivore. It appears to be great! It is in very active development and, even if its features are quite limited so far, it appears to be very promising, and its UI and UX are great.

It would be wonderful if someone here loved this software as much as I do and is inclined to provide a YunoHost package for the app.

Thanks a lot!



It seems that it is not really ready to deploy on anyone’s server yet.

(It is also written on the README of the project : GitHub - omnivore-app/omnivore: Omnivore is a complete, open source read-it-later solution for people who like reading. )


Thanks for the note… as you can see this proves my total lack of understanding of server maintenance… let us hope this will be fixed soon!


I have omnivore in my GitHub starred list since a few months. Let’s see the evolution.
Indeed deploying a self-hosted version would require them to make their code non dependant on Google Cloud Platform. Unfortunately free and open source doesn’t always mean self hostable !
I hope that there are a few open source components that could replace the services they are using. Just like Minio software that is used as a replacement for Amazon S3


I know… Luckily, though, the developers explicitly wrote that they intend to facilitate self-hosting.

Yes. Don’t hesitate to :

  1. Add omnivore to the app wishlist if it’s not there yet
  2. Come back here once you feel that devs officially declare their app “self-hostable”
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