VPS with only IPv6 adress is ok?

I’d like to migrate a YNH instance from a Gandi hosted VPS to another Gandi hosted VPS.
On the current VPS I got IPv4+IPv6 adresses.
For the future VPS I’d like to get one with just an IPv6 adress because it’s less expensive.
Do you know if it would be ok ? I guess it depends on two factors :

  • can YNH work with an IPv6 adress only ?
  • if I try to restore a full YNH backup from the former VPS to the new one : is there any config which I need to update ? (except DNS of course).

I think there is no problem but I’d like to be sure …
Thanks !

Hm i dont think so, that should be okay

That’s a good question :wink: We never really investigated that, though I wouldnt be surprised if some part of yunohost assume you have at least an ipv4 :confused: (Now that I think about it : probably the Lets encrypt integration does …) Sooo that remain to be tested, and feedback about this would be valuable :s


Thanks for your answer : I think I’ll try to migrate in the next few weeks with just an IPv6 and let’s see :slight_smile:

EDIT : I just tried to attach my current VPS to a new Interface with IPv6 only and then change my DNS records (I just point out that I’ve no network skills). First summary :

  • after some time (DNS propagation + server reboot, just in case) : https://mydomain.tld/yunohost/sso and …/yunohost/admin are reachable, I tried to use Nextcloud, OpenSondage, Wallabag, Jirafeau and Zerobin and everything seems OK
  • but if I connect through ssh, network seems unreachable, examples :

$ apt-get update
Err:1 http://security.debian.org stretch/updates InRelease
Temporary failure resolving ‘security.debian.org
Err:2 http://forge.yunohost.org/debian stretch InRelease
Temporary failure resolving ‘forge.yunohost.org
Err:3 http://mirrors.gandi.net/debian stretch InRelease
Temporary failure resolving ‘mirrors.gandi.net

$ ping yunohost.org
ping: yunohost.org: Temporary failure in name resolution

I’ll try to do some more research, if you have test ideas …

And one more point : assuming that everything is working well for Yunohost with IPv6 only, I’m afraid that the server would be unreachable for some people, depending on their ISP’s, especially if they are abroad.

Yes indeed.

Hum I think I just faced this problem : when I did the change to a full IPv6 config this afternoon, everything was working. But tonight I was unable to reach my domain name.
My ISP is “Free” but this afternoon I worked through a VPN member of the FDN. I’ve just switched to the VPN and was able to reach my domain again …
After some research it seems that I have to configure my Freebox to active IPv6.
But this is not an option : I can’t ask to all users of this YNH instance to perform this step.
So unfortunately I’ll stop this experiment.