Using Yunohost as DNS?

My YunoHost server

Hardware: amd64
YunoHost version: latest stable
I have access to my server : sure

Description of my question

So I am on my way to become a registrar. Now my question, how to use Yuno if able to as a standalone nameserver, do I have to install something on top of Debian?

All suggestions are welcome!

Why is no-one replaying to this topic? If it isn’t possible or rather complex, please just say so. But silence is so silent.

I didn’t understand what you meant.
What do you have as hardware? What do you want to do with it?
Don’t forget, we have a life and we have work.

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At this point, I became a registrar for .NL domains
A Registrar is an accredited party that may sell the domain extension in question. Often these must meet (strict) requirements in order to be able to offer the domain extension. EasyComp Host a subsidiary company of EasyComp Zeeland is Registrar of multiple domain extensions including .nl.

I use a Dell EMC (partnership) Rack server.

I need a nameserver in front of YunoHost. Normally I registered my domains at a thrid-party then I set the DNS records and job done. Right…
Well now I am that 3rd party as well, so where should I put the DNS records now or can I use YunoHost as a nameserver by installing something at the Debian end?

Hope that this makes it less vague.

Sorry, I don’t understand this sentence, we have work is fully clear. But what does having a life mean? I never had that before… Does it hurt? :see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :speak_no_evil:. Maybe i should consult a friend of mine to ask what life means. “Hi Siri, what is the meaning of life?”
It’s a joke OK, :wink: sure you have lifes and wives.

I don’t think that yunohost will fit your needs

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Not even if I install a ns on top of it? Via Debian? Or is that going to conflict?

If it’s using the same ports as yunohost (80 and 443) then it won’t work

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You need to install bind (or similar soft) on at least 2 servers.

However, Yunohost conflicts with bind (due to dnsmasq). Yunohost is not made to become a registrar. And doing a registrar IT with dnsmasq seems very strange for me. It’s theorically possible to disable dnsmasq and do some stuff to succeed to have yunohost with bind… But it’s a bad idea for now i think. In more, YunoHost is not really think for this kind of critical use case.

Honestly, i am afraid that someone with no DNS management skills think to create a registrar. That don’t means you shouldn’t do it, just if you don’t know bind or unbound, you have to learn a lot of things and read a lot about DNS and security.

The simplest is to manage by hand the DNS zone (and if needed create scripts and interface), indeed it doesn’t exist good libre software which allows your client to subscribe and manage their DNS zone themself. You could translate this article to know more on this topic [FR] Blog Stéphane Bortzmeyer: Un service d'hébergement de zones DNS accessible au·à la non-geek ?

Are you already accepted as registrar ? Is the paper work to do that complex for .nl ?

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That s a wrong conclusion i’ve got lots of skilld dude even dns :wink: i was just hoping that yunohost could do more :wink:

Yes, you must show that you know stuff…

Changing the ports?

Cool, stuff I found a partner which is going to provide me with free ns’s. So if anyone needs one or more free ns('s) :wink:

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