Using Yunohost as a backup MX Server server for the other primary Yunohost server

I want to host two Yunohost servers for myself.

  1. I would like to have first server as primary Yunohost server running the main apps which do not require lot of bandwidth like email, synapse, IRC, etc (which require 24x7 online availability and less bandwidth). This connection would have static ip.

  2. For second Yunohost server I would have high bandwidth but not static ip and lot of space. So this would go down occasionally when ip changes. This server would have
    apps like Nextcloud, Transmission, Peertube,etc which would require lot of bandwidth but not 24x7 availability.

I will use an external drive on the second Yunohost server to backup both 1st and 2nd server on regular basis.

Now, I want the second Yunohost server to act as a backup server for the emails (so that if first server fails the incoming emails can be forwarded to the second server and they can be sent to first server when its back).

Someone has any suggestion from where should I start?

Further, for more advance case I want to use the Ldap of the first server with the second server bypassing the Ldap of the second server completely. This way I can have a centralized control for both the servers.


I am interested in doing this myself, but do not have a starting point.

Aonother thing to take into consideration, related to LDAP and backup mailserver, is the synchronization of email aliasses (besides the accounts themselves).

The basis for having 2) serve as backup mailserver for 1) would be designating 2) as MX fo 1), but I don’t know which edits the supporting TXT records need on both sides (to tell that it is ok for that server to handle mail from 1) from an anti-spam perspective).

The LDAP-part is a whole new can of worms, I think.

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