Users can only input an email on the current domain

When setting up a new user on yunohost it doesnt let you input an email like a or it requires you to use an email on the same domain that your yunohost apps are running on.

Hello, yes that’s the way it is supposed to work. YunoHost is for self-hosting : you create new users in order to let them host data and apps on your server (mail, blog, chat, etc.). Were you trying to do something else?

If you want to centralize all your mail box you need to use and configure “fetchmail” and roundcube for example,
If i don’t forget.

I have the same problem. Right now I want to use yunohost only for nextcloud (I may have other uses later).

so why is it not possible to set a user mail for any valid provider?

I found a solution adding an alias, though.

Could it be that I may also add an other domain in yunohost admin interface?

details: I have my own domain (myname org) setup on a professional provider where I manage the domain name. so my mail is

I use an other domain name from free provider like myname fr freetld, so yunohost domain is this one, but I have no use of mail address like myname @

dunno if I’m clear. I could give real values but don’t know if this is allowed here


You are not obliged to use the email created by yunohost. You are able to close mail port if you want.

In 3.7 you will be able to specify a user has not the permission to send or receive mail.

If you don’t need the mail feature just put a fake value in the question about the mail for the user. Alternatively, if you want receive mail from some apps you can configure a mail transfer in the same screen.

in fact I need it for password recovery :slight_smile:


There is no password recovery feature in yunohost. Some apps do it, but yunohost itself no.

I just need to receive the mail :-). Done with an alias.