Use a git branch for installation via GitHub

Is there a way to specify a branch of a git repository on GitHub to install an app? When developing installer packages, it would be convenient for testing purposes to install from a development branch instead of master.

I searched how to do it yesterday without finding. It would be a great option for package maintainers.

Just. fork.

Naaah, I’m just trolling, it is not implemented and probably wont be anytime soon. A decent workflow would be to clone the repository locally, git checkout to the right branch and then install the package from the FS:

sudo yunohost app install /path/to/my/cloned/repo

Then you just have to work locally on your server, or git pull regularily :slight_smile:

Oh right, I forgot about that possibility. That’s better in a way because the log output is easier to see than on the web interface.

I have the same issus… (and mad dev on different Computer than the one runing ynh…)
1 quick solution that can be use is to creat 2 git organisation: (name have to be review…)

  • YunoHost_Incubation
  • YunoHost_Plugins

And clone all the Apps repos on on or the other, add developpers of the plugins in the oragnisation and made ynh point on this plugins
Then dev can use there master branche on ther repo for testing and pull only on Afficial Yunohost repos stable release.

what do you things?

(we may have YunoHost_Plugins_Stable/Testing/Unstable… like Deban have …)