Uris of /yunoshot/admin


It seems like every domain added gets an uris created to access at mydomain.com/yunohost/admin

in conf file at /etc/ssowat/conf.json

"permissions": {
        "core_skipped": {
            "auth_header": false,
            "label": "Core permissions - skipped",
            "public": true,
            "show_tile": false,
            "uris": [mydomain.com/yunohost/admin]

when the domain is deleted, the configuration is not…
so if you configure a sub domain then delete it, you can still access it to have admin login page only (since domain is auto-configured like * A IP)

Is that meant to be so ?

this seems to be also the case for /yunohost/api…

after a bit of cleaning I kept only those for the ‘default’ domain.
so far so good :slight_smile: