Upgrade home router

I may be upgrading my home router soon. Is there anything besides updating the ports and dns that I may run into?
Im using a name.nohost.me as the main domain but am hosting other root domains as well.
As a side note should I just have my Yunohost box on its own network?

I guess you should be fine as long as you’re able to configure port forwarding and don’t have any stupid restriction (e.g. not being able to open port 25)

Eeeeh you mean connected independently of the router ? Not sure how you would achieve that but anyway it’s not needed nope :stuck_out_tongue:

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I mean on my current router. I have a 2.4gz and a 5g. Nobody uses the 5g. If I was to make evrybody else move to the 5g would that make a difference?

Uuuuuh I guess nope if your server is connected through ethernet ? If your server is connecter thourhg 5G, maybe the signal-to-noise could be a bit lower but that really depends on how powerful your wifi is and how many people are connected and how much they use the connection and how thick are the walls and so on…

Duh, I guess being hard wired wouldnt make a difference. Im a bonehead, lol.

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