Unable to open connection to my_webapp

I’ve tried installing the my_webapp
It installs as far as I can see correct I just can’t ftp in
the messages on the ftp client log says that it has connected
but unable to retrieve the directory listing and then it quits

I’m running on a digital ocean droplet with
Debian 8 x86_64 (I didn’t notice it wasn’t fully supported till much later, my bad)

many Thanks


hello dthomas,
your ftp client is Filezilla?
Don’t forget to select “active transfer” in parameters.

Hi, I made adjustments on the my_webapp application.

The FTP was actually not working at all, since the firewall was blocking the FTP ports. I replaced the FTP thing by a web interface to upload/retrieve documents. I hope it will work for you.

hiya, yeah that seems to work now :smiley:

Thank you so much